Hijab Row: Reasons given by the Karnataka Education Minister for the Hijab Ban in Exam Room

Publish Date: 03 Mar, 2023 |

The Hijab Debate has once again heated up ahead of the start of the board exams in Karnataka. The yearly examination would not permit the wearing of a headscarf, according to BC Nagesh, the minister of education for Karnataka. The Supreme Court is now hearing this case. The previous ban on wearing a hijab during the Karnataka Board Exam will continue to apply.

However, he added that the administration will not bend the law. He stated that while female students taking board exams are permitted to wear hijabs outside of the examination center's grounds, they must remove them within the exam room.

Girl students requested to wear hijab

Muslim female students who will be taking the PU, or Pre-University, second year yearly exams beginning on March 9 have asked to be allowed to wear the hijab. Nevertheless, the Department of School Education and Literacy denied the request, claiming that hijabi clothing is not permitted for principals of graduate colleges and other positions.

According to BC Nagesh, the Minister of Education, the Supreme Court is now hearing arguments on the Hijab issue. According to him, it is not necessary to obtain authorization to take the exam while wearing a hijab.


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