Reem Shaikh broke down after Tunisha Sharma's death, why is the actress apologizing? | Sheezan Khan- Watch Video

Publish Date: 26 Dec, 2022 |

The lead in the television show Alibaba, Tunisha Sharma bid goodbye to the world at the young age of 20. The whole television industry is in a state of shock and grief after the news of her suicide broke off. It is being reported that she was in a relationship with actor Sheezan Khan and he abetted her to commit suicide. The mother of Tunisha is also alleging that Tunisha took her own life because Sheezan ended the relationship. However, no official statement from the police has come out to so far. Her friends from the industry have posted many social media posts, while Reem Sheikh has also expressed her grief.

Reem shaikh statement 

The bond between Tunisha Sharma and Reem Shaikh was very strong. Reem has now shared a special post for Tunisha on social media. Reem has shared throwback photos of Tunisha, in which both are looking happy. With this, Reem wrote in the caption, 'I know the world hasn't treated you right, I'm sorry. I hope that now your soul will find peace.


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