Remembering Smita Patil: Lesser known facts about the queen of Parallel cinema

Publish Date: 12 Dec, 2022
Remembering Smita Patil: Lesser known facts about the queen of Parallel cinema

Smita Patil is regarded as one of the most profound actors of Bollywood. Her stellar performances have not only garnered appreciation in the cinema but also many became fans of her engaging persona on-screen. In a career that lasted just over a decade, Smita Patil appeared in over 80[2] Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Kannada movies.

Remembering the actress on her death anniversary i.e 13 December 1986, let's see some of the most amazing unknown facts about her. 

Unknown Facts about Smita Patil 

  • When Shyam Benegal, who has given Indian film some of the most formidable talents, noticed Smita Patil, she was a Marathi newscaster on Mumbai Doordarshan. As they say, the rest is history. 

  • Smita was cast by Benegal in some of her most memorable roles in Bhumika and Manthan. He obviously handed Shabana Azmi, his second favourite, a significantly larger proportion of the roles, though. Smita was extremely upset by this revelation. Right up until her passing, the actresses' rivalry remained.

  • One well-known director who chose to work with Smita rather than Shabana was Govind Nihalani.

  • Smita was clearly uncomfortable performing the song and dance routine, but she was determined to succeed in popular Hindi films. After working with Amitabh Bachchan to film the rain song Aaj rapat jayen for Namak Halaal, she returned home and sobbed vehemently in her mother's lap. 

  • Before falling in love and getting married to Raj Babbar, Smita was good friends with Amitabh Bachchan. Prior to it, though, she would frequently make an unexpected visit to Big B's home. Namak Halaal and Shakti are two movies they co-wrote and co-produced.

  • Regarding Mr. Bachchan's near-fatal accident in 1982, Smita had a premonition. She gave Mr. Bachchan a call and pleaded with him to exercise caution as she expressed her fear. Evidently, Smita was aware that she would pass away young. This is what she told her friends.

  • While Smita was carrying her son Pratik Babbar in 1987, she participated in B Subhash's Dance Dance. For her character, the script writer wrote while she was pregnant to account for her expanding belly.

  • Shabana Azmi offered to dub for Smita in Waaris after Smita's passing. Rekha, however, was given the advantage. Rekha, who is said to have had an inappropriate relationship with Smita Babbar's husband Raj Babbar.

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