Amitabh Bachchan seeks security of personality rights, See all the Rights Available to Celebrities in India

Publish Date: 25 Nov, 2022
Amitabh Bachchan seeks security of personality rights, See all the Rights Available to Celebrities in India

A famous individual is a celebrity. Any writer, actor, model, athlete, musician, politician, or another person who draws attention from the public is considered a celebrity in today's world. 

Celebrity Rights are not statutory rights per se because they are not mentioned or included in any specific laws. As people and as well-known figures, they are entitled to various rights.


What are the rights available to celebrities or famous persons in India? 

Personality Rights, Privacy Rights, Reproduction and Distribution Rights, Character Rights, Rental Rights, Performance Rights, Lending Rights, and other rights are among those that are available to them. The protection of a celebrity's interests is possible thanks to trademark and copyright legislation. The Trademarks Act of 1999 and the Copyright Act of 1957 both contain provisions relating to the right to publicity, and India now recognises the right to privacy as a fundamental right. 

Trademark laws

The term "mark" covers things like names, abbreviations, signatures, sounds, etc. Film names and titles are protected by trademark laws in India. Each of these characteristics identifies a source, which can be protected as a trademark and whose commercial exploitation is subject to regulation. Occasionally, either independently or in partnership with a brand, celebrities create their own "lines" or brands. That brand may use its own name, a name that celebrities give it, or a creative logo.

Copyright laws 

A celebrity may demand payment if a photographer uses their image or sells it to a third party under the terms of copyright, which states that only the original authors of any literary, dramatic, or artistic work are the original owners and have the sole right to use it and profit from it.

Personality Rights

A person's voice, likeness, signature, and other distinctive characteristics make up their personality. Since celebrity status is a prerequisite for having personality rights, they are also known as celebrity rights because they are the main aspect of any celebrity. Celebrities and well-known public figures are typically covered by these rights so that their identities cannot be stolen or misappropriated. Image rights are a part of publicity rights, which are a subset of personality rights. It outlines the monetary value of any image or other representation of the person whose notoriety and reputation could be misused by another. 


Right to publicity

The ability to control how one's identity is used for commercial purposes is known as the right to publicity. The right to publicity is a development of the right to privacy and can only be innate in a person or a person's personality, such as their signature, voice, personality trait, etc. The goal of Publicity Right is to ostensibly provide a financial incentive for a person's right to manage the commercial exploitation of his or her identity.

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