Indore: Roads in Indore swept ‘clean’ in an hour after five hours Rangpanchami celebration of Ger; watch video

Publish Date: 13 Mar, 2023 |

On the occasion of Rang Panchmi, the city of Indore, which has been ranked first in the country in cleanliness for six consecutive years, once again set an example. The sky became colourful on Rangpanchami, the fifth day of Holi, due to rain. In the three-kilometer-long Ger, approximately 5 lakh people gathered. 

Thousands of kilos of gulal were blown around Rajwada and the surrounding areas. The rain, which began at 10 a.m., stopped by noon, and the sweepers immediately took charge, cleaning the Rajwada area in just one hour. Nobody could believe that millions of people were sprinkling gulal here not long ago.

12 machines, sweepers and garbage vehicles provided

The Municipal Corporation provided 12 sweeping machines, a team of 200 sweepers, and more than 50 garbage vehicles for this purpose. Rajwada had been restored to its pre-Ger condition after one to one and a half hours of arduous effort by the cleaning crew. Pushyamitra Bhargava, the mayor of Indore, stated that sweeping and cleaning equipment was already on hand for this. A group of 150 people got to work cleaning as soon as the ger was over. The roads were then cleansed and made good as new in no time.


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