Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Russian people breaking hands at home after Vladimir Putin's order

Publish Date: 23 Sep, 2022 |

After Vladimir Putin's speech, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that such people will be called who have had any military experience in the past. According to his statement, 3 lakh such people have to be recruited. According to the news published in the media, the police there are taking people for this. Meanwhile, in Russia, People started google searching 'how to break an arm at home' i.e. 'how to break an arm at home'.

People have started protesting

Russian citizens are opposing this decision of Putin. According to the report of the news agency AFP, hundreds of people protesting the decision have been arrested. Not only this, Reuters has said in its report that after this decision some Russian citizens have started moving towards the borders.

Reuters says Russian President Putin's order to mass recruit troops from Ukraine following a string of ongoing battlefield failures could be the riskiest move for his regime in decades. A monitoring group has said that Putin's decision was opposed in 38 Russian cities on Wednesday. More than 1,300 people were arrested in these protests.

Putin’s comment on the matter

The Russian president said that according to the order that came into force from Wednesday, compulsory military recruitment will not apply only to reserve soldiers. After Putin's address, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that three lakh people with previous military experience would now be called. Shortly after this, 'how to break an arm at home' i.e. 'how to break an arm at home' started being searched on Google. It is believed that people searching this way on Google are probably scared about the possibility of being sent to the front and are looking for ways to avoid it. 


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