Russia Ukraine War: India's stand in the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine

Publish Date: 24 Feb, 2023 |

Since last year, Russia and Ukraine have been at war with one another. Both nations are unwilling to retreat; on the one hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin is yelling for victory, while on the other, Ukrainian President Zelensky is also working to destroy Russia. Many nations are supporting Russia in this conflict, while many others, including the United States, are backing Ukraine. The question of where India stands in such circumstances keeps coming up.

India not in favor of anyone yet

India discussed a peace proposal when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out. India has been under constant pressure from the West, notably the United States, to condemn Russia during the year-long conflict, but India has never done so. India abstained from voting on any UN resolutions that targeted Russia. India has not yet publicly sided with any nation. PM Modi has often stated that this is not a time for war. The battle between the two nations needs to end, and there should be dialogue.


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