Russia Ukraine War: Russia fighting war with Ukraine now hopes for help from India! asking for this special item

Publish Date: 30 Nov, 2022 |

Russia has sought special help from India in the midst of economic sanctions issued by many western countries including America. According to 'Reuters', Russia has asked India to export more than 500 such products which include parts of cars, trains and aircraft. However, no official confirmation has been made on this matter from India or Russia yet.

Companies express concern

According to 'Reuters', it is not clear in the list sent by Russia that how many of these products India will export to Russia. However, Indian government sources have termed this request of Russia as 'unusual'. At the same time, India is also seeing this request as an opportunity. This deal will help in reducing the growing trade deficit with Russia. However, some companies have expressed concern that these exports may violate Western sanctions against Russia.

List include these items

The list sent by Russia is of about 14 pages. Car engine parts like piston, oil pump and ring are included in this list. Other products include aircraft and helicopter parts such as landing gear, fuel systems, communication systems, fire fighting equipment and undercarriage. The list of raw materials includes paper bags, customer packaging bags and textile products. This list includes more than 200 metallurgy (metallurgy) items like food utensils and bicycle parts etc.


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