Russia Ukraine War US First Lady Jill Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau arrive in Ukraine

Publish Date: 09 May, 2022 |

Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden, arrived in Ukraine on Sunday without a prearranged event and met Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelensky. The wives of the presidents of the two countries met at a school for the children of refugees in the city of Uzhorod in western Ukraine. Jill Biden visited Romania and Slovakia before the announced itinerary in support of Ukraine.

According to the Associated Press, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had also suddenly visited Ukraine without notice. US First Lady Jill Biden's press secretary Michelle Larose has released a 23-second video of the meeting between Jill Biden and Ukraine's First Lady Olenna Zelensky. Michelle Larose wrote in the caption below the video when First Lady Jill Biden and Olena Zelensky met this afternoon in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

They encouraged people amid war

Jill Biden and Trudeau have arrived in Ukraine amid fierce attacks by Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and Kharkiv. They encouraged the Ukrainian government and its citizens to carry out activities to normalize life in the midst of the war. Biden said she wanted to come to Ukraine on Mother's Day to encourage the women living there. They can fulfill their responsibilities with more bravery.

While Prime Minister Trudeau arrived in the city of Irpin, Ukraine. The city, close to the capital Kyiv, was captured by Russian forces at the beginning of the war. But later emptied it and went back. After the departure of the Russian army, many bodies riddled with bullets were found here. In Irpin, Trudeau saw the destruction of the war.

US provides multibillion-dollar aid to Ukraine 

On Friday, President Joe Biden announced additional security aid to Ukraine in the form of "additional artillery, radar and other equipment". A White House official said the latest package is for $150 million worth of equipment, including 25,000 155 mm artillery rounds, counter-artillery radar, jamming equipment and field equipment and spare parts. The US has made it clear that it intends to provide long-term aid to Ukraine and has already provided the country with billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid.

Some believed that US President Joe Biden should visit war-torn Ukraine, but security agencies advised against it on the grounds that his visit could complicate an already bad situation. But Biden had traveled to Poland, which is a neighboring country of Ukraine and a member of NATO. Also which is at the center of the current conflict between Kyiv and Moscow.


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