Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev protested, threw red paint on his face, stopped from garlanding

Publish Date: 10 May, 2022 |
There is a lot of resentment for Russia in many countries over the attack on Ukraine. And the effect of this displeasure was also seen in Poland, the protest and anger of the people against Russia. Paint was thrown at Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev here on the occasion of the Victory Day parade. Victory Day is organised every year in the memory of Russia's victory over Germany in 1945. Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev arrived in Poland to attend this event.

Victory Day celebrations to mark the end of world war 2

According to reports, red paint was hurled at Sergei Andreev, the Russian ambassador to Poland, during the annual Victory Day celebrations to mark the end of World War II. This incident happened near the grave of Soviet soldiers killed in the war. In the viral footage on social media, it is seen that paint was thrown at Andreev from behind, which was seen dripping like blood from his face.

However, despite this incident, the ambassador exercised complete restraint and was seen wiping the paint. But he did not say anything to the protesters. According to The Independent, the demonstrators were also smearing fake blood on their white outfits, a protest symbolizing the loss of life and property caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Sergei Andreev needed police protection

The protesters were carrying Ukrainian flags and chanting fascist slogans. The Russian delegation had to return from there amidst police protection. The incident came to light after a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 1945 to mark the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany. Putin said in the speech that Russia's military action in Ukraine was a timely response to Western policies. Putin said that when the fate of the "homeland" is being decided, it is always sacred to protect it.

In his Victory Day address, Putin expressed his displeasure over NATO's slowly moving east, including Ukraine, and tried to justify Russia's attack on Ukraine. Ukrainian leaders and their Western supporters have often denied claims that Russia poses any threat from Kyiv or NATO. But tensions could escalate if Sweden and Finland decide to join a coalition of Western nations. Putin said, 'The danger is increasing every day. Russia has already taken action regarding the attack. This was done by Russia for its own security.


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