Russian President Vladimir Putin is not tired of praising Narendra Modi's foreign policy

Publish Date: 05 Nov, 2022 |

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again praised India. Describing the people of India as talented, he said that they are constantly in motion for development. Putin said, India has great potential and there is no doubt that it will make remarkable successes on the path of development.

Putin targets Europe

The Russian President referred to colonialism in Africa, India's potential and Russia's "unique civilization and culture". He cited Russian and global history as an example of how Western empires plundered Africa. To a large extent, the prosperity achieved by the former colonial powers was based on the plundering of Africa, Putin said. The history of Europe is not hidden from anyone. The plundering of resources, dacoity and enslavement of people are the customs of Europe and that is why these colonial powers did not allow anyone to emerge. Now these same forces want to harm Russia but they will not get success in this. Russia is a country full of differences. There is a feeling of taking everyone along here. This is our civilization. We will always go ahead with this.

Putin’s statement for India

Russian on the occasion of the Unity Day of Russia on November 4 (Russia) The President praised India's stupendous capabilities. According to Putin's translated speech, originally given in Russian, 'India (India) will achieve excellent results in terms of its development. About 1.5 billion people are the biggest potential of India. There is a huge group of talented people out there.


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