Safer Internet Day 2022: The Safer Internet Day 2022 will be  observed today on 8th February 2022. This the 19th edition of Safer Internet Day and it will be celebrated all over the globe. The theme of Safer Internet day 2022 is "Together for a better internet".


Safer Internet Day 

The aim of celebrating Safer Internet Day is to raise awareness about the issues emerging online, it can concern cyberbullying, social networking and digital identity etc. The celebration of this day will focus upon coming together to make the internet a safer and better place for everyone, and especially for children, teens and youngsters.

Celebration of Safer Internet Day 2022

The official website of SID offers a  platform to the worldwide online community. Different countries and international organisations can showcase the events and the actions that they organise on local, national or even international level on the occasion of Safer Internet Day.

Here you can find a rich source of multilingual and empowering young people and their teachers and their families to guide them through the best way to use the online technology. It is a safe space where the leading personalities of the internet safety community can communicate with the public. You can also exchange and share your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge, and discuss your experiences with one another.


Safer Internet Day Online

The Safer Internet Day is being observed in more than 200 countries all across the globe. It includes western world and Asian and African countries too. Multiple private organisations are also celebrating the day due to its firm significance. While the official Twitter handle of Safer Internet Day shared various methods of the safer use of online structure, other organisations and institutions also made their online contribution to the promotion of the Day. Have a look: