Salman Khan should apologise, otherwise his ego will be shattered - Lawrence Bishnoi

Publish Date: 15 Mar, 2023 |

In a prison interview with ABP News, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi claimed that Goldie Brar, not I, was responsible for the murder of Sidhu Musewala. In this interview, he threatened Bollywood actor Salman Khan once more, saying that he would murder him for the right reasons and not for money. He warned Salman that he would receive a severe response if he did not apologise to our society for the incident involving the black buck hunt. When asked how he was conducting video interviews from behind bars, he said that we make due with lost phones.

Lawrence Bishnoi wants apology from Salman Khan

Lawrence claims that Salman Khan should apologise to his society for the black buck massacre, per the ABP article. If not, he will respond to it with a specific response. He claimed that Salman Khan has not yet expressed regret to his community in this incident, and as a result, he has been upset with Salman since he was a young youngster.

He asserts that he will crush Salman Khan's ego. He must visit the temple of our deity and apologise, Bishnoi remarked. He also made financial aid available to members of our society. Salman Khan won't be killed for fame, but rather for a good cause.


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