Sambhal Cold Storage Building Collapse: Cold storage of building housing collapsed in Sambhal, many laborers died

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 16 Mar, 2023

In Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, a serious disaster occurred when a cold storage building suddenly collapsed, causing mayhem. Mawai was involved in an accident in Chandausi. About 40 workers were inside the building at the time of the catastrophe, according to the information we have so far. It's possible that the accident buried those 40 workers.

District administration comments on the incident

According to reports, the owner of the cold store had a temporary tinshed wall constructed for the storage of potatoes. But, it was unable to support the weight, and the old wall fell down. The locals claim that 35 to 40 individuals were employed at the cold storage warehouse, contrary to the district administration's claim that 15 to 20 persons are trapped beneath the debris.

The district administration is currently unable to estimate how long the relief and rescue efforts will take. Everyone present is occupied removing the bricks from the site. A report on the failure of Sambhal's cold storage has been requested by the department's director of horticulture and food processing. It is the District Horticultural Officer's responsibility to travel visit the location and deliver the report. Horticulture Department Head Dr. RK Tomar has requested an immediate report. The collapse of Sambhal's cold storage led to the burial of dozens of workers. In this, the administration is working to provide assistance and rescue.

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