Sania Shoaib Love story: Sania Shoaib’s love story is quite filmy, check it out

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Sania and Shoaib's Love story: The rumours of top tennis player Sania Mirza and her husband Shoaib Malik's divorce are rife right now. Both have reportedly decided to file for divorce. Despite the fact that neither party has officially confirmed this . Well as much as the Divorce reports of Sania and Shoiab are grabbing the headlines, so was their marriage and love story.

Sania Shoaib Love story

Sania and Shoiab’s love story is definitely not your regular Bollywood rom com, it has a lot of twists and turns. In fact when Sania first met Shoaib she was not at all welcoming, the couple once spoke about their love story and it definitely gave off a filmy vibe.

Rough patch bought them together

Prior to meeting and falling in love with each other, Sania and Shoiab used to cross paths on several occasions but never got time to talk to each other for more than 2 mins. It was the time when Sania was seriously injured and was heartbroken because of her broken engagement with childhood friend Soharab Mirza. By the time Shoaib was also dealing with a year ban following the loss against Australia in a match. Slowly slowly the controversies surrounding them started to bring them close and the couple decided to get married.

But, the decision to get married was not widely welcomed by the two nations India and Pakistan. Sania was at the peak of her career she is an Indian Tennis star meanwhile Shoiab was one of the ace cricketers of Pakistan. In 2010 Shoaib got married to Sania in Hyderabad.Sania Mirza kept on her professional tennis career even after she was married, winning several Grand Slams. Shoaib's family is just as proud of my success, she once claimed in an interview.

Following their marriage Shoaib and Sania decided to get settled in Dubai. On October 30th 2018 the couple welcomed their first child. The couple was last spotted together celebrating their son’s birthday in Dubai before getting surrounded by divorce reports.


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