Scandal like Shraddha Murder, 6 'pieces' of girlfriend in Azamgarh. Delhi Crime | UP crime

Publish Date: 21 Nov, 2022 |

Shraddha's murder in Delhi shocked the whole country. The way Aftab killed her Shraddha and chopped her into her 35 pieces gave goosebumps. Everywhere there is a call to bring justice to the shraddhas. But such incidents do not bear the name of stopping. The latest incident is from Azamgarh where a boy killed his girlfriend and chopped her into pieces.

SP gives information

Superintendent of Police Anurag Arya told on Sunday that the body found in the well is of a woman named Aradhana. Police told that a man named Prince was in love with Aradhana and the woman was married to someone else, he got upset. That's why he intended to kill the woman. The officer has informed that his parents, sister, maternal uncle, and his wife were involved in the conspiracy. Mama's son Sarvesh stayed with him to execute this whole incident.

Police arrested the accused

On November 15, when some people saw the body inside a well located outside the western village of the district, they informed the police. Police recovered the body after getting the information and on identification, the woman was identified. 

Police said that the body was found in a semi-nude state, and looked to be two to three days old. At the same time, SP Anurag Arya told that, "The clothes and some weapons of the deceased have been recovered." The accused has also been arrested.


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