Serious Negligence in Covid Vaccination in Sagar of MP, Vaccine was given to 30 children with a syringe

Publish Date: 28 Jul, 2022 |

The Madhya Pradesh government is running a vaccination campaign in full swing to fight CoronaVirus. In such a situation, great negligence was seen during the Covid Vaccination in Jain Public Higher Secondary School of Sagar district. During the vaccination in the school, 30 children were vaccinated with a single syringe. The family has opposed it.

Order from the authorities

Jitendra, who vaccinated, claimed that only one syringe was sent by the authorities and he was ordered by the "head of the department" to vaccinate all children with it. In a video recorded by the parents of the students, Jitendra said that he does not know his name. Asked if he was aware that one syringe should not be used to inject multiple people, Jitendra said, "I know it. That is why I asked him if I should use only one syringe." And he said 'yes'. How is it my fault? I did what I was told to do."

Action against the matter

The CMHO of the district, RD Goswami, who reached the spot, says that the matter is being investigated. Those who are found guilty in this action will be taken as per the rules, at present the matter is under investigation. FIR has been registered against Vaccinator. Along with this, action will also be taken against the officials monitoring the vaccine who are found guilty.

Dinesh Namdev, the father of a student studying in Jain Public School, told that when he saw during the vaccination, all the children were being vaccinated with the same syringe. According to Dinesh, the one who was applying the vaccine, he was asked and told that the HOD sir has said that everyone has to be vaccinated with the same syringe. If something happens to the children, who will take the responsibility, the administration or the government?


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