Sex During Pregnancy Safe or Not: Know from the expert

Publish Date: 29 Jun, 2021 |

Sex During Pregnancy Safe or Not: Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life that most women experience. However, it is the phase that is full of complications and the most delicate phase which requires the expecting mother to practice the utmost care. While there are some myths related to having sex during pregnancy. So, in this article further, we will get to know that having sex during pregnancy is safe or not.

The pregnancy period is basically divided into three parts - the first trimester, the second trimester, and the third trimester. 

The first trimester or the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy is the period when the baby is quite weak during that phase and the placenta is not in the proper position, which usually it should be in. That phase of the first trimester is usually uncomfortable for women due to the cramps and the urinary frequency also increases. But, if the first trimester is really going smooth, and the doctor hasn’t restricted you from having sex, then gentle sex won’t do any harm.

The second trimester of pregnancy which is also known as the honeymoon period of the pregnancy is the phase when all the symptoms related to pregnancy end. Be it frequent urination, nausea vomiting or even the pain during pregnancy disappears. It is the phase where you can have oral sex, cuddling, and other types of sex if you are not comfortable with vaginal sex. If the person is in a monogamous relationship, the sex can be done without using the condom, while if the person is having sex with a new partner, it is necessary to use a condom there so as to avoid the transmission of any sex-related disease. 

While during the third trimester, it is safe to have sex during the third trimester of pregnancy too, unless your doctor refrains you from doing so. However,  the doctor refrains a person from doing sex during the third trimester only in the case where the patient has pre-term labor pain, vaginal infection, or if the patient has undergone precipitate labor during their previous pregnancy. The doctor also refrains the patient from having sex in cases where the patient is experiencing survival incompetence (a situation where the mouth of the uterus is wide open already) and during placenta previa (a situation where the placenta is low). Otherwise, having sex during the third trimester increases the chances of having a normal vaginal birth as it has prostaglandin and it ripens your cervix. So, if the doctor informs you that there are no complications during your pregnancy you can harmlessly opt for sex. 



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