Shahrukh Khan On Pathan: SRK's tweet amid Pathan controversy, the picture is yet to be released| Pathan Controversy

Publish Date: 18 Dec, 2022 |

Actor Shahrukh Khan today spoke with fans on his upcoming film 'Pathan', his family, his favorite team in FIFA World Cup, and many other questions. The film 'Pathan', which is slated to release next month, is embroiled in a controversy after some leaders of political parties objected to actress Deepika Padukone wearing 'saffron' colored clothes in a song.

Protest against the song

Recently, the song Besharam Rang of this film was released, after which there has been a ruckus about the color of Deepika Padukone's bikini. This song is strongly opposed on social media and Boycott Pathan is trending. This song is being discussed everywhere. From political leaders to Hindu organizations, everyone is opposing this song. Everyone says that the saffron color is a symbol of faith, so wearing such clothes and dancing on 'Besharam Rang' will not be accepted.

Srk did a Q&A on Twitter

Shahrukh held a 15-minute #asksrk (Ask Shahrukh Khan) session on Twitter for his fans. In which anyone could question him. During the Twitter session, users asked many questions Shah Rukh Khan and the actor also answered these questions with impunity. After the Q&A on Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan thanked fans for their love and time. Shahrukh tweeted, "Now my team is calling me to work. Will talk to you all some other day. Those who have missed please don't feel bad... Still the picture is left. Love and your time." Thanks for. See you soon in the theater"


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