Sharmaji Namkeen Review: ऋषि कपूर को आखिरी सलाम...'शर्माजी नमकीन' ने साबित किया 'शो मस्ट गो ऑन'

Publish Date: 31 Mar, 2022 |

Bollywood Veteran Rishi Kapoor’s last film ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ is finally released on OTT streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. While the actor passed away amid the shooting of the film, the film story has been completed by Paresh Rao. It is for the first time that the same role has been played by two different actors in a film. 

The much awaited film is not just the last film of Rishi Kapoor but also holds immense emotions of his fans and even family. For the same reason, Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor was seen in the promotions of Sharma Ji Namkeen and the actor revealed how the film holds a special place in their hearts. 

Sharma Ji Namkeen Social Media Reviews

While the reactions and reviews for Sharma Ji Namkeen are still coming, here is what the first watchers of the film have to say- 


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