Michael Lobo resigns after 15 years: Shock for BJP

Publish Date: 11 Jan, 2022 |

Michael Lobo Resigns: Shock for BJP

The political moves for the Legislative Assembly elections have begun. As the dates were announced by the Election commission of India, the heat of the election has leveled up. All the parties involved in these states have started moving forward to gain the votes and seats in these 5 states. Many political leaders are still changing their political parties, some are already ready to win while some are trying to bring the other one down by blames and complaints.

Reason for his resignation

Because of these political situations, today BJP received a big shocking news from their Goa candidacy. BJP official Michael Lobo, on being ignored, has decided to step down from his position. He has said that he is being ignored by the party and has handed his letter of resignation today to Pramod Sawant. Today while talking to the media, he said that though he has handed in his resignation, he hopes that the people in his support will understand his problem and still follow him despite whichever party he joins. Though he has not given an official statement as to which party he might join.

He claims that the party has forgotten the main reason for these elections and they are being ignored because of which after 15 years he has decided to leave the party. He said that the officials have stopped following the steps of Manohar Parrikar, who was their mentor. There are 40 constituencies in the region of Goa and whoever wins 21 seats will win these elections. The elections will take place on 14th February and the counting will start from 10th March 2022.

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