Shopping Challenge: Who Got More Under Rs. 2000? Janpath V/s Jwala Heri Market | Budget Shopping

Publish Date: 29 Nov, 2022 |

In this challenge, Simran and Himani tried Janpath & Jwala Heri Market to see how many goods they could buy with a Rs. 2000 budget. Let's see who purchased the most products out of the numerous possibilities in each category that were offered in both markets.

Janpath V/s Jwala Heri Market

Simran had the advantage in winning the challenge because Janpath is well known for its low pricing for clothing and accessories, but Himani, who was stumbling about Jwali Heri's alleyway, managed to get a lot under Rs. 2000 after a little bit of a struggle.

ultimate result

Simran was successful in purchasing 12 items, which included sweaters, shirts, skirts, a headpiece, and sunglasses. In contrast, Himani was successful in purchasing 8 items for less than Rs. 2000, which included a dress, sweaters, a sling bag, and a variety of winter clothing.


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