Should You Workout If You Are Unwell? | Coach Sapna Vyas

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 19 Oct, 2022

This is a popular question asked by fitness freaks to their coaches or trainers. Well, in today’s world gym has become an essential part of our lives and it’s hard to think about missing any of your one workout schedule and sometimes the urge levels up to such an extent that some even neglect their health if they are unwell and makes it worse while working out. In many cases the opposite happens and that’s why here is the perfect advice on ‘Should You Workout If You Are Unwell?’

Should you exercise while you're sick? Can exercise be advantageous at this time? Let's hear what fitness coach Sapna Vyas from OnlyMyHealth has to say.

Should You Workout If You Are Unwell? 

  • Listen to your body- If you are easily getting tired even while doing the daily exercises or you are feeling exhausted all the time, in that case avoid doing daily exercises for a few days as it will make the situation even worse. Because even if you are working out that's also causing you physical exhaustion and strain.
  • Take Care of your health- When your immunity is compromised or you are having a fever then you shouldn’t be working out for a few days until it gets better. 
  • But, if you think that you are just under the weather and you are perfectly ok while doing some workout sets including low impact activities. For eg. you can go on a walking or for a morning jog or basic exercise but avoid lifting weights and HIIT workout.

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