Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab’s brutality, Injury marks on Shraddha's face surfaced

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2022 |

Shraddha Murder Case: Delhi Police has used all available resources to gather evidence in the Shraddha murder case. On Friday, a team from the Delhi Police will transport Aftab, the accused, to Manikarna in the Kullu district. Here, he will be asked to locate the hotel where the accused and Shraddha stayed. The accused had traveled to Manali with Shraddha.

During the police questioning, he agreed to this. After Himachal, he also traveled to Uttarakhand. However, Kullu police personnel claim to know nothing about this issue. The culprit had intended to murder Shraddha in Himachal itself, but was unsuccessful. The police will now look into each detail of the murder in the Himachal Pradesh region's Manikarna Valley individually.

Injury marks on Shraddha's face

A picture of Shraddha is now going viral on social media, as per the reports the pictures has been posted by Shraddha's friend. The pictures are the clear depiction of Aftab's brutalty on Shraddha. In the photo, Shraddha's face bears visible signs of her injuries. One can guess how severely Aftab used to beat Shraddha by looking at this picture. This image depicts December 2020.


Aftab was in contact with Call centre girls

Earlier police investigation revealed Aftab's contact with multiple call centre girls and his strong links with Gurugram. The investigating team are in constant touch with the call centre opeartors to collect more information about the accused.


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