Shraddha Murder case: Aftab’s connection with several call center girls can bring the new turn in the case

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2022 |

Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab, who is suspected of killing Mumbai resident Shraddha Walkar, also has strong ties to Gurugram. He had been employed in a call centre in Cyber City, according to a police inquiry. It is also discovered that he had contacts with many of the girls who worked in these call centers. Shraddha and Aftab used to argue over this as well.

Afab had contact with call center girls

Delhi’s Mehrauli police is currently investigating Shraddha Walker’s case, during the finding it has been revealed that Aftab used to have contacts with several call center girls which was also one of the reasons for the argument between Shradhha and Aftab. Police and investigative agencies reportedly are in contact with several call center operators to get more detailed information about Aftab.It is expected that the accused would be questioned using this information to determine whether events similar to Shraddha have ever occurred before.Details about all the girls who were earlier in contact with Aftab are being noted down by the police.

Aftab is not cooperating

Let us tell you that as per police Aftab is not cooperating with the authorities due to which the police have now launched a technical investigation against the accused. The investigation reveals his strong links to Gurugram, due to which now Gurugram police are also on alert and trying their best to get more information in the case.


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