Shraddha Murder Case: Letter, chat, pieces of corpse and notebook, now all the secrets of Shraddha will be revealed- Watch Video

Publish Date: 23 Nov, 2022 |

All the hopes of Shraddha being alive or coming back are now dead. The Delhi Police has told the court for the first time through a written statement that it has recovered some bones and a part of the jaw from the pieces of Shraddha's corpse. The police also told the court that a notebook was recovered from Aftab's house. In that notebook, Aftab was not only keeping track of the pieces of the dead body, but also used to write where he had thrown which piece of the dead body.

Aftab confessed to the crime

Delhi Police has got the evidence in Sharddha murder case. The hope of Shraddha returning alive is over. Aftab had committed Shraddha's murder. Aftab confessed before the judge in the court. Said - the murder happened in anger. He used to write the account of the pieces of the dead body in the note book. He used to make a map and throw the pieces of the dead body.


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