Shraddha Murder Case: Public anger erupted on Aftab, attack on police van.

Publish Date: 28 Nov, 2022 |

On November 28, a police vehicle carrying Shraddha murder case accused Aftab Poonawala was attacked in Rohini, Delhi. After the polygraph test, the team came out with Aftab. Then a crowd of some people reached the spot and attacked the vehicle. Swords can be seen in the hands of these people, only then a policeman comes out of the van and points a gun at these people.

Attackers belong to hindu army

It is being told that these attackers came in a van, hammers and some swords have been found in the vehicle. The attackers are saying that we are from the Hindu army, if our sisters will be attacked, will we remain silent… We are 10 people, we have come from Gurugram and we have brought swords from the Gurudwara, the attackers were very angry and were saying Were that if we get it next time, we will cut it.

When the attackers were asked whether it was right to kill in this way, they said that they were killing our sisters and daughters. It is being told that the attackers said that they had come to kill Aftab.

Aftab’s third polygraph test

Significantly, polygraph test is being conducted to tighten the screws on Aftab, who cut Shraddha Walker into 36 pieces and to catch his lies. He has already been polygraph tested twice. Police has recovered the weapon used in the murder on Aftab's indication. Along with this, Shraddha's ring has also been recovered from her friend. 


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