Shraddha Walker murder case: 11 more pieces of Shraddha's body found | Shraddha murder case dead body mystery- Watch Video

Publish Date: 16 Nov, 2022 |

Aftab Amin Poonawala, the 28-year-old man accused of killing his live-in partner, was taken to the forest area of south Delhi's Chhatarpur on Tuesday and spent nearly three hours locating specific locations where he allegedly dumped her body parts. The Delhi Police have recovered 13 body parts believed to be those of the woman from various locations, which will be sent for DNA analysis. According to them, it will be carried out by forensic experts.

Statement of Delhi Police

"The crime scene was recreated to understand and ascertain the sequence of events that led to the heinous crime and how he managed to locate the spots where different pieces could be dumped without inviting public glare," a senior police official said. The police is also likely to approach authorities at online dating app Bumble through which both the accused and victim met."

"We want to access his account to analyse his profile and know how many women he was in contact with and screen the chats to understand his psyche. Based on the profile analysis we will also be approaching those people with whom he was in contact with and invited them to the same residence where he had killed the woman," the official further said. Meanwhile, a Delhi doctor who treated Poonawalla, said the accused had visited him in May, the same month when Walkar was killed, for treating a wound.

Aftab Chopped the body and took 20 days to dispose 

Aftab took 20 days to dispose of the chopped body parts in bits and pieces in the local jungle in Delhi, said police who cracked the murder mystery following a complaint from the victim's father. The accused loaded a few pieces of body parts into a backpack each day in the wee hours and threw them in interior jungle.

According to police, Aftab cut the body into 35 pieces over the course of two days. He spent 20 days removing the chopped parts in bits and pieces. He carried the body parts in a backpack and disposed of them in the jungle in the early hours. Shraddha and Aftab met on a dating app. They initially bonded well, but trouble began when they moved to the house where the heinous crime occurred, according to police.


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