Shraddha Waqar Murder Case: Shraddha's friend revealed, told Aaftab to be violent

Publish Date: 15 Nov, 2022 |

Delhi Police is trying to contact other friends of Aaftab. Apart from this, the police are also engaged in collecting information by scanning the social media account of Aaftab. The police are also collecting information about which girls Aftab had relations with before the relationship with Shraddha. Police are trying to contact her 4 friends who had met her before having a relationship with Shraddha.

Shraddha was in contact with a childhood friend

Shraddha had stopped talking to the family after getting into a relationship with Aftab, but she was in constant touch with her childhood friend. Shraddha had told many things about Aftab to her friend, but a few days after coming to Delhi, Shraddha stopped answering her friend's messages and calls. When Shraddha could not be contacted for several days, then the friend informed Shraddha's family and then the matter reached the police.

Police did not find the head of the dead body

In the Shraddha murder case, a big disclosure has come to light from the sources of abp news. Delhi Police has not yet found the head of Shraddha's dead body. The police team is looking for the head. The police probing the Shraddha murder case has got important evidence. Some bones of Shraddha's body have been recovered from the forest of Mehrauli. 

It is alleged that Aftab was throwing reverence into pieces and throwing it here. Shraddha's body was cut into pieces by Aftab wearing clothes and Shraddha's blood-stained clothes he threw in the dustbin. The police have not been able to recover them because of the passage of a long time.


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