Guru Amar Das Birth Anniversary 2023: In Sikhism, there were 10 gurus who shared a variety of religious teachings and illuminated humanity. The third Sikh Guru in Sikhism was Guru Amar Das. On March 26, 1552, Amar Das received the title of Sikh Guru. On May 5th, 1479, the Sikh saint was born in Amritsar. Each year Guru Amar Das Jayanti is celebrated with immense religious devotion and Sikhs make special preparations for the day.

Shri Guru Amar Das Ji Teachings

  • Guru Amar Das was a well-known social reformer who fought for the equality of women and oppressed people in all spheres. He was one of those responsible for ending the custom of Sati among Sikh women. The widow was typically burned on her husband's funeral pyre (Sati Pratha).

  • The practise of beginning the Langar was promoted by Guru Amar Das. Every time a visitor to a Gurdwara participates in the Langar rite, they are given free meals regardless of their gender, social standing, caste, etc.

  • He left us with Anand Sahib, a priceless "song of bliss."  One of the Sikh Banis, it is a profound poem full of ecstatic phrases and heavenly love that awakens the heart and elevates the soul.

  • This exceptional quality was constantly present in Guru Amar Das's words and deeds. As soon as he was named the new Guru, Datu, one of Guru Angad's sons, yelled at him and physically threw him off the throne, accusing him of only being a servant and not the real Guru. Guru Amar Das, who was still lying on the floor, responded, "I am old and my bones have grown very hard, I fear they have hurt your tender foot." Then, he returned to his hometown.  However, the followers of Guru Angad—including Baba Buddha—went to seek out Guru Amar Das and begged Him to return and serve as their Guru. He returned with them after their humble requests.

Guru Amar Das Jayanti 2023 Celebrations 

  • Sikhs hold a lavish celebration for Guru Amar Das Jayanti.

  • Sikhs visit the Gurdwara on this holy day to ask the guru for his blessings, and special preparations are made for the occasion.

  • As a sign of reverence for the Guru, special prasad is distributed among the devotees present in the gurdwara. 

  • The devotees take pride in performing special Kar Seva and cleaning the Gurdwara grounds on this special day.

  • When the occasion arises, some devotees like to assist the culinary staff in preparing a variety of dishes for the attendees.

  • Regardless of their religion, devotees can participate in the day's Langar Seva in the Gurdwara. 

  • Some people favour giving wheat, beans, and rice to the Gurdwara's fund-raising efforts. On this day, devotees are also given sharbat, or sweetened water. 

  • People receive sweetened water from designated chabeels or sweet water corners.

  • Amritsar, the most sacred city to the Sikhs, is festively decked in honour of Guru Amar das Jayanti. The main Sikh shrine in the nation, the Golden Temple, has a route that devotees keep clean. On this day, bathing in the pool of the Golden Temple is seen to be fortunate, and devotees from all over the region make sure to participate in the festivities.

  • To commemorate the events, Nagar Kirtan is held, and followers participate in it with utmost devotion.