Simple Makeup Hacks for Beginners Ft. Baani Bathla

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2022 |
Everybody can benefit from makeup methods and tips. These tips can improve anyone's makeup routine and include contouring and highlighters. Some of these tips to simplify your life are shared by Baani Bathla in this video. Try out these brilliant makeup tricks with her to achieve the appearance you want!

Simple makeup hacks

Makeup hack 1- How to make your face look slimmer 
Follow your cheek bone line diagnoally on both the side. You can contour your nostril lines as well.
Makeup hack 2- for double chin and jawline
Follow the jawline and apply the countour in the same direction and then blend it downwards.
Makeup hack 3- How to make face look less heavy
Apply blush from the middle of the cheek in the upward direction.
Makeup hack 4- Highlighting hack
Use minimum product for higlighting. 
Makeup Hack 5- Lipstick
Take a tissue paper, place it on your lips use a bit of loose powder and damp it over your lips. Lock the shade with liquid lipstick.

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