Popular singer Sonu Nigam was attacked by a man at one of his concerts in Chembur , Mumbai. One of his aides was pushed from the stage, who suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital. 

Sonu Nigam being thrown off the stage

The incident occurred when the sensational singer was climbing down the stage, when fans attacked him for selfies, and he was about to fall from the stairs but one of his aides, Rabbani, tried to protect him but was thrown away from the stage by a horde of fans.

Sonu Nigam’s statement post the attack 

While talking to the reporters, Sonu Nigam said, “I fell on the steps after I was pushed. Rabbani (Khan) came to save me and was pushed from behind. He could have died. I filed a complaint because people must think about it when they force someone to take a selfie.”

Sonu Nigam attack video gone viral

The video of Sonu Nigam being attacked at his concert has gone viral. In the video, it is clearly seen that the crowd went out of control and climbed the stage to take selfies with the singer. It is at that time when one of the fans pushed Rabbani off the stage and he fell with a loud thump. He was later taken to hospital for basic treatment.

Case registered in Chembur Police Station

Sonu Nigam has registered a case for wrongful restraint and voluntarily causing hurt at the Chembur Police Station. Senior Police Officer Hemraj Singh Rajput said, “The incident occurred when Sonu Nigam was leaving the stage after his live performance at the Chembur festival. He was stopped from behind by someone. When two people accompanying the singer tried to move him aside, the man pushed them down the steps. This led to one of them sustaining injuries.”