Single use plastic ban, rules will be strict from July 1

Publish Date: 29 Jun, 2022 |

The talk of plastic ban in the country has been seen for some time now, single-use plastic is now going to be completely banned from July 1, 2022, so it is important that you find an alternative to single-use plastic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a pledge 4 years ago to phase out the use of single use plastic. After this, from July 1, these rules will be followed completely.

Total ban on every single use plastic item

From next month, there will be a complete ban on the manufacture, storage, import, distribution, sale and use of about 19 such items of low utility and high waste generation in all states. These banned items include straws (pipes for drinking beverages), stirrers (plastic rods used to dissolve beverages), earbuds, candy, balloons with plastic rods attached to them, plastic utensils (spoons, plates, etc.), cigarette boxes. Includes thermocol used in packets, packaging films and decorations.

If any entity is found selling prohibited items, then its business licence will be cancelled. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has directed its state agencies regarding this. Apart from this, the customs department has been asked to stop the import of these items.

Ban may affect small scale industries

Some experts believe that the impact of this ban will be directly on the small scale industries. According to the data, 40 lakh people get employment in India from the plastic industry. After this ban, there will be a crisis in their employment. However, the good thing is that alternatives to all these plastic products are also being prepared. 200 companies are making such ultra-native products. Many startups have also come up which are offering paper products as an alternative to plastic products and creating a hopeful new world of jobs. In such a situation, along with alternative items of use, attention is also being paid to the arrangement of alternative employment.


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