Skin Care Hacks: Best Summer Skin Care Tips for Oily and Dry Skin

Publish Date: 11 May, 2022 |

Temperature is soaring and your body needs your urgent focus. Harsh temperatures, Uv Rays and warm temperatures impact our skin a lot. Pimples, sunburn, dehydration, dark patches etc are common skin problems which need to be taken care of. So this summer you need to amp up your skin care routine as the sun causes a lot of damage to the skin. Be it hydrating or moisturizing, there are a lot of things which can help protect your skin from the harsh sun. 

Skin Problems in Summer

Hot weather in Summer leads to excess water loss making body and skin dehydrated. This also causes skin irritation, redness and dryness. Heat also activates our sweat glands making your pores open and more prone to excess sebum secretion and pimples. When the dead skin cells mix with this excess oil the skin also faces a major breakout. 

On top of that UV rays, pollutants and dirt further irritates our skin causing more damage , dullness and fading glow. 

How to Take Care of Your Skin In Summers? 

From Moituring to drinking water and eating good food there's a lot which can help you relish the lost glow and skin readience. Here are some things you can do to take care of your skin in harsh temperatures. 

  1. Sun-Screen- Never Ever go out without sunscreen. Apply an ample amount of sunscreen on your face, hands and all the exposed parts of your body. This will help you protect skin from harmful uv rays and even sunburn. 

  2. Hydration- Drink Plenty of water and juices to replenish the water loss of your skin. 

  3. Minimal Makeup- Since Sweat and dead skin cells makes it difficult for your skin to breath, more layers of makeup will further clog pores. So keep your makeup routine to minimal and apply a little foundation of concealer as required. 

  4. Exfoliate- Exfoliation is a must. Do use scrubs once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and other unwanted particles which are clogging your pores. This will help your skin to breathe and bounce back with glow. 

  5. Cloth- Avoid wearing polyester or nylon as these cloth materials make it difficult  for air to pass. Prefer cotton so that your skin feels free. Same thing goes for the Face Maks you use. As you will sweat a lot if you are wearing a face mask in hot or humid weather. 

  6. DIY facemasks- Use DIY facemasks of curd, turmeric, aloevera, cucumber or as needed by your skin and requirement to give extra natural glow and protection. 


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