Slogans of 'Brahmin tradesman Quit India' written in JNU, threats of revenge were also raised. Delhi JNU Campus

Publish Date: 01 Dec, 2022 |

Delhi's Jawahar Lal University is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. Anti-Brahmin slogans have been written on many buildings of JNU Campus, whose pictures are going viral on social media. The students have claimed that slogans against the Brahmin and Vaishya communities have been written on the walls of the School of International Studies. At present, no reaction has come from the JNU administration in this matter.

What did the slogans say

Slogans 'Quit Brahmin campus', 'There will be bloodshed', 'Brahmin Quit India' and 'Brahmins and tradesmen, we are coming to you for revenge' are written all over the campus. Along with this, the walls of the buildings were also vandalised. JNU students claimed that the School of International Studies-II building has been vandalized with slogans against the Brahmin and Bania communities.

JNU ABVP gives statement

JNU ABVP President Rohit Kumar said, “ABVP condemns large scale writing of casteist slogans in academic places by communist goons. Communists have written profanities on the walls of JNU in the School of International Studies-II building. They have defaced the rooms of free-thinking professors to intimidate them." Rohit Kumar said, “We believe that academic spaces should be used for debate and discussion and not for poisoning the society and community of students. There is no place for hatred and abuse here."


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