Snake enters woman’s mouth while sleeping, watch viral video

Publish Date: 06 Mar, 2023 |

Everyday we see many bizzare videos which keep getting viral on social media, among which videos surrounding snakes and humans are quite common. One of those species that can enter any area and hide there at any time be it your cupboar, clothes, any holes in your etc, snakes poisonous nature can make anyone lose their calm, but, this time this snake entered a woman's stomach from her mouth and internet is dumbstruck.  A 4-foot snake slithered into the woman's mouth and into her stomach.

Snake enters woman’s mouth 

A Twitter handle Fascinating Footage posted this video which is now getting viral on social media. When you watch the footage, you'll be shocked to see the snake come from the woman's belly. According to the story, a snake entered a woman's mouth before making its way to her stomach while she dozed off. When the physicians pulled the snake out, they were shocked to discover a four-foot serpent that was still in good condition.


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