Soldier of the Indian Army was asked to Surrender, then the soldier did this

Publish Date: 29 Nov, 2022 |

If a terrorist or a miscreant along with his four-five companions surrounds someone at gunpoint, then what can one do. But if someone commits such a mistake with an Indian Army soldier, it will not take long for his bones and ribs to break. One such video has surfaced.

Seeing a video released by News Agency ANI, anyone would clench their teeth. In fact, at this time the Indian Army and the US Army are conducting a joint exercise in Auli, Uttarakhand. This area is near the China Border. Pictures and videos of the exercise are also being released by the army. During the exercise, an Indian soldier shows the American Army how to defend if someone points a gun at the back and asks them to surrender.

US Army tweets this

A tweet has also been made by the American Army from its official Twitter handle regarding this exercise. The American Army has written a photo share, ' Nanda Devi, on the world's second highest mountain range, Captain Sirut, Lieutenant Russell, Lieutenant Brown and Lieutenant Hack, will be the first 4 officers of the American Army to be promoted during the ongoing maneuvers on the peaks of the Himalayas. Will go.


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