Sonali Phogat Case: What is the secret in Sonali Phogat's Gurugram house?, Goa Police will investigate

Publish Date: 02 Sep, 2022 |

New and shocking revelations are being made every day in the murder of BJP leader and Tiktok star Sonali Phogat. Ever since the Goa Police came out of the state and reached different places in Haryana, it has got many important clues. Meanwhile, news is now coming that Goa Police may reach Gurugram for investigation.

Sonali Phogat’s brother comments on the investigation

Before investigating the flat of accused Sangwan in Gurugram, Phogat's family has demanded that the investigation should be done in the presence of those people. Amidst all this, Sonali Phogat's brother says that the family wants the matter to be exposed at the earliest. The way the investigation is progressing and the information is coming out, it is clear that his sister was taken to Goa under a well-planned conspiracy and nefarious designs were carried out. 

On the other hand, Sonali's brother-in-law Aman Poonia told that the police will take records from the Tehsil office today. Property is safe. Goa Police wants to suppress the case. Aman said that Sonali does not have property worth 110 crores. Sonali has her ancestral property of 6.15 acres. Shops are also ancestral property. The Goa government wants to end the case on the matter of drugs. Aman said that Sonali had got a good hold in Adampur. There is a political conspiracy behind Sonali's murder.

The police searched the accounts

On Thursday, the police first went to Sonali's house in Sant Nagar, Hisar. After this, Sonali's bank accounts were searched, after which the police also reached the Tehsil office to verify Sonali's property and lease deed papers. Now the next stop for the police is Sonali's flat in Gurugram where she stayed before going to Goa. 

There is also a possibility that today the police will also interrogate the CCTV operator Shivam at Sonali's farm house. However, Shivam was taken into custody by Haryana Police after a case of theft of DVR of CCTV of Farm House was registered. But the Haryana Police claimed that Shivam had not stolen the DVR and all the DVRs were recovered from the farm house.


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