Space Tourism: There will be daily flights for space travel. Know Registration process for Indians.

Publish Date: 20 Jul, 2022 |

On July 11, British billionaire Richard Branson, 70, made history by launching space tourism. Now, his company, Virgin Galactic, is preparing to launch its first commercial space flight next year, in 2022. People will have to spend crores of rupees to travel through space via this space flight. At the same time, Virgin Galactic has launched a competition in which participants will be able to experience free space travel.

Window seats of the space flights will be awarded to lucky winners

One of Virgin Galactic's first commercial space flights will include two free tickets. The lucky winners will be chosen at random from among the candidates who have registered for this. The wonderful thing is that the lucky winners' space travel experience will be recorded in HD video and given to them. In addition, they will be given a window seat for an unrivalled view of this unforgettable journey. They will also be given a special mirror in which to see themselves floating in zero gravity.

Indians can register for space tourism 

People living in countries that have been banned by the United Nations or where the law prohibits such experiences will be unable to participate in this contest. The good news for Indians is that they do not fall into these two categories and can take advantage of this opportunity by registering to travel for free.

Registration process space travel tickets

To enter to win free space travel tickets, go to These two options will be available. One to purchase tickets for this journey and one to obtain tickets for free. Choose the option to go on a trip without contributing any money. Only one person can register using one email address, but he can register himself up to 6000 times to increase his chances of winning.

Simply fill out the form and submit it. These registrations are valid until September 2, 2021. To participate in this space tour, you must have completed the vaccination process. Aside from that, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.


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