SpaceX Starship explodes: On Thursday, April 20, the SpaceX Starship, the largest rocket in the world, exploded during a test. After successfully leaving the launch pad, the rocket exploded four minutes later. The Starship was launched successfully on April 20, 2023, at roughly 7:00 pm, according to Indian time, and at 8.33 pm, according to Central Time, from the exclusive SpaceX Spaceport, Starbase near Boca Chica, Texas.

Reason for starship rocket explosion

Three minutes into the first stage of flight, the Starship capsule was supposed to separate from the rocket booster. However, separation never happened, and the rocket exploded instead. As if the flight test wasn't dramatic enough, Starship encountered quick unscheduled disassembly prior to stage separation, SpaceX tweeted after the mission failed. SpaceX still deemed the flight a success despite its failure. We cleared the tower, which was our only hope, SpaceX Quality Systems Engineer Kate Tice remarked at the same moment.

Elon Musk tweets about the Failure

Following the launch, SpaceX's founder Elon Musk tweeted, "Congratulations to the SpaceX crew on an amazing test launch of Starship! A few months later, I used what I had learned for the next test launch. It is known that an issue with the valve during refuelling forced SpaceX to cancel Monday's first attempt to launch the rocket. The latest rocket from SpaceX was the biggest and most potent ever. It attempted to orbit the earth on Thursday by doing its first test flight, which took it into the sky over South Texas.