SpiceJet Emergency Landing: SpiceJet's emergency landing 8 times in 18 days, what was the reason?

Publish Date: 06 Jul, 2022 |

SpiceJet planes continue to suffer technical glitches. In the last 18 days, about 8 times emergency landing of many flights had to be done. SpiceJet flights are in the headlines these days for one reason and that is the emergency landing. Talking about emergency landing, in certain circumstances, when the aircraft is landed at some other airport or place before the scheduled time and place, then it is called emergency landing.

DGCA gives notice to Spicejet

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has said that SpiceJet has failed to "ensure safe, efficient and reliable air services" under the terms of the 11th Schedule and Rule 134 of the Aircraft Rules, 1937. "Review of the incidents reveals poor internal safety inspection and lack of adequate maintenance measures resulting in loss of safety," the notice said.

The DGCA has given SpiceJet three weeks to respond to the notice. According to the notice, "The financial assessment done by the DGCA in September 2021 also revealed that the airline is not making payments to the approved vendors by the safety related suppliers on a regular basis leading to shortage of spares and maintenance of aircraft.

Spicejet’s response to the notice

Responding to the notice of DGCA, SpiceJet said that we have received the notice of DGCA and we will respond to it within the given time. We are committed to provide a safe operation for our passengers and crew.

We are an IATA-IOSA certified airline. SpiceJet successfully completed a meticulous audit program for re-certification in October 2021. We have been regularly audited by DGCA. All our aircraft were audited by the regulator a month ago and found to be safe. All SpiceJet flights follow DGCA norms.


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