Sriya Lenka unveils the road to K-pop; 5 noteworthy points to save if you are an aspiring K-pop star

Publish Date: 04 Aug, 2022
Sriya Lenka unveils the road to K-pop; 5 noteworthy points to save if you are an aspiring K-pop star

Ever Since Sriya Lenka, an Indian vocalist, dancer and artist entered the world of exceptional K-pop, which has recently kept the entire world at their fingertips, many young people have begun to be tempted to travel the same journey she did to the K world. As everyone is aware, Korean entertainment, whether it be in the guise of K-drama, K-pop, or movies, is quite popular right now. The Hallyu wave has spread to every region of the world, and if you're interested in trying your luck at becoming a K-pop idol, Rolling Stone India recently interviewed Sriya Lenka, a new member of the K-pop group Blackswan whose perseverance and patience helped her enter the world of BTS, Blackpink, Twice, EXO, and other artists. So let’s get started.

Sriya Lenka’s journey to the K-pop group

In May 2021, Blackswan's record company, DR Music, stated that they would hold international auditions to replace Hyemi, one of its members who had left the group. BP, once known as Rania, is now known as Blackswan. In addition to members from Brazil, Belgium, and Japan, Rania is highly known for having welcomed the first American-African international singer. The YouTube auditioning campaign was being run by the promoter of the K-pop group BlackSwan, DR music. Sriya Lenka and Gabriela Dalcin were officially named as the group's fifth and sixth members, even though DR music was only supposed to choose one successor for Hyeme.

What’s the road to K-pop for Indians

  • The path to becoming a K-pop celebrity or a K-pop idol is rigorous, laborious, and lengthy. It calls for a beam focus, a combative spirit, and, of course, going to the audition, however for the natives of Korea it’s still easier than a lot of foreigners and especially Indians who just debuted in the industry.

  • With K-pop going global the labels have expanded their horizons, Due to K-current pop's international appeal and the demand for idols who speak various languages, labels have widened their search and implemented international auditions as per Rolling Stones. The worldwide auditions are open to people of all nationalities and ethnicities, and like other auditions, they call for contestants to perform their chosen skill, it can be Dancing, Singing, rapping etc.

  • As per the publication report the auditions are generally conducted in a hybrid form which means you will get a hand on both online and offline auditioning. Reportedly this international approach has in turn benefited labels like Blackswan, SM entertainment 

  • Sriya talked about how she used to experience conflicting emotions when submitting for auditions because she gave so many of them. Out of the 4,000 applicants, Sriya and fellow Brazilian trainee Gabriela Dalcin were selected as D.R Music's newest trainees due to their drive, talent, and attitude.
  • There is currently a large variety of international talent in the K-pop industry, including the Thai singer Lisa from Blackpink, the Korean-Canadian Mark from NCT, the Korean-American Keeho from P1Harmony, and many others. It's safe to say that the majority of the international line consists of idols from Southeast Asia, America, and Japan. Sriya succeeded in the K-pop industry, where India was underrepresented, and you can too.

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