Statue of Ram-Sita will be made from Nepal's Shaligram rock in Ayodhya | UP News- Watch Video

Publish Date: 29 Jan, 2023 |

Two huge Shaligram rocks are being brought to Ayodhya from Nepal. Idols of Shri Ram and Mother Sita will be made from these. It is claimed that these rocks are about 60 million years old. However, will the idols made of these be kept in the sanctum sanctorum or installed elsewhere in the premises? It is not decided yet. Only the Ram Mandir Trust will take the final decision on this.

Rocks Brought from River

Both these rocks have been extracted from the Shaligrami river (Kali Gandaki) located in Pokhara in Nepal under the supervision of geological and archeological experts. Loaded into the truck on 26 January. After worshiping, both the rocks are being sent by road to Ayodhya by truck. On the way, people have also gathered to see and welcome these rocks. The weight of one stone is 26 tonnes while that of the other is 14 tonnes. That is, the weight of both the rocks is 40 tonnes.

Rocks are 6 crore years old

Kameshwar Chaupal, Trustee of Ram Mandir Trust said, "We have just been asked to bring the rocks to Ayodhya. The trust will do its work after the rocks reach Ayodhya. These rocks will be in Ayodhya on 2 February Can reach. These two rocks extracted from Shaligrami river are said to be about 60 million years old.


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