Step By Step Easy & Glowy Winter MakeUp Tutorial For Every Occasion | Fenil Umrigar| Her Zindagi

Publish Date: 06 Dec, 2022 |

Influencer Fenil Umrigar will show you how to apply glowy makeup during the winter in this video. You can learn about step-by-step winter makeup tutorials right here. This guide is incredibly simple to follow and can quickly improve your appearance. Watch the complete video now to learn more about these winter makeup looks for any occasion.

Step By Step Easy & Glowy Winter MakeUp tutorial

  • Step 1- Use a serum for the moisturisng glow

  • Step 2- Use a primer (Here Fenil uses a bit darker shade, you can choose as per your own skin shade

  • Step 3- Apply concealer which suits your skin and shade (In video Shade 30 from Sugar)

  • Step 4- Apply compact powder (Translucent)

  • Step 5- Apply Blush

  • Step 6- Apply eyeshadow, if possible go for a nude shade in winters

  • Step 7- Shape eyebrow using a eyebrow pencil and spoolie brush

  • Step 8- Apply Kajal/Liner

  • Step 9- Apply eye mascara

  • Step 10- Lip Liner

  • Step 11- Apply Lip Gloss

  • Step 12- Then apply lipstick


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