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Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 21 Sep, 2022

Believe it or not Maids are an essential part of our lives,They are capable of keeping your home tidy and orderly as well as taking good care of your family members while you are away. Maid has actually had this power over all of us, particularly in a nation like India where we are so reliant on so many people for many things. In the growing urban environment where more and more women are entering the job, maids have emerged as a pillar. In this episode of Her zindagi watch a bittersweet relationship between a women and her ex maid who accidently collided.

Stuck With A Maid, what happens when you bump in your ex maid

After becoming trapped in an elevator, Namya is reunited with her former maid Kamla Bai. A chat about fresh starts between them is what happens next.

Maids are essential part of our lives

The days of roti, kapda, and makaan being the only necessities of life are long gone, and as more and more women enter the workforce, the need for assistance and task sharing has taken on a fundamental importance. The fact that even one day without them causes the household to become entirely dysfunctional speaks volumes about the enormous significance they play in Indian households.

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