Stylish and Unique Ways to Tie Your Scarf this winter and raise your Fashion Game

Publish Date: 24 Dec, 2021 |

Winters are all about layering and keeping the chills out. But for the fashion lover, there is another season for trying different styles and clothing. One such winter clothing which becomes our daily best friend is a scarf or shawl. So here are some unique and different ways in which you can tie your scarf and look classy while being all layered up in woolens. 

7 Unique Ways to Tie Your Scarf

  1. The Shoulder Cover- 

Kinda Mumbai Bhai Style but tipped with elegance. Wear a solid top or thermal and cover it with a scarf or shawl to make it stylish. 

  1. The Cowboy Style- 

Tie your Scarf around your neck and roll it. Give a knot and leave small ends. Yee haw you're ready with a stylish leash hooked to fashion. 

  1. The Side Knot- 

Tie your Scarf around your neck, roll it two times, set the end loose knot at the side and your neck is all protected.

  1. Side Bunny Ears- 

Roll you scared around your neck. While keeping one side open, make the other end of the scarf rolled and set (Some Techniques as stuff? Well yes watch video). 

  1. The Magic Trick- 

Well it's not that our scarf will become a diamond set, but a trick to make your scarf ends locked so you don’t have to style it and set it often. (Well Same Same different, different. Hehe). 

  1. The Evening Drape- 

To all the elegant ladies, here is the easiest way to carry your scarf, dupatta, shawl. Just let them rest on your hands. And don’t forget to enjoy  your wine. 

  1. Belted Shoulder Cover- 

And for the 7th you will need a friend, a Belt. Wrap your scarf around your top and secure it with a belt. inspiration alert ft. Komal Pandey. 


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