Suicide attack in Pakistan, fearing being caught, the suspect blew himself up | Islamabad Blast- Watch Video

Publish Date: 23 Dec, 2022 |

There has been a suicide attack in Pakistan's capital Islamabad. It is reported that this attack happened in a car. After the blast, there has been chaos and panic in the area. According to the information, this blast happened in the I-10/4 sector of Islamabad. However, the cause of the blast has not been ascertained yet. Officials said that the police had stopped a suspicious car, and then there was a loud explosion.

According to the Pakistani news agency Dawn, the police have confirmed that an explosion has been reported outside a clinic in the I-10 area. Policemen have been injured in this attack.

A Policeman Died in the Blast

According to Pakistan's ARY news agency, a policeman has died in the blast. While 6 people have been injured. Four policemen are also involved in this. At the same time, the Islamabad Police said that the police officers had stopped a taxi for routine checking, during which a taxi exploded.


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