Sunil Jakhar in BJP: Sunil Jakhar, who bid farewell to Congress, joined BJP

Publish Date: 19 May, 2022 |

The leader of Punjab, Sunil Jakhar, who bid farewell to Congress, has joined the BJP. Jakhar had recently announced to leave the Congress during Facebook Live. Jakhar had taken this decision to leave the Congress when the party was organising a Chintan Shivir in Udaipur. The party's national president JP Nadda got Sunil Jakhar membership at the BJP headquarters in Delhi.

Broke a 50 year old relationship with Congress

On joining BJP, Sunil Jakhar said, in the last 50 years, three generations of my family served the Congress. Today I have broken this 50-year relationship with Congress in the name of nationalism, unity and brotherhood in Punjab.

JP Nadda gave him a bouquet of flowers wearing a BJP flag. JP Nadda said that joining BJP is a welcome and big step for a leader like Sunil Jakhar. In Punjab, it is the largest party for the people of nationalistic thinking and Sunil Jakhar is one such leader. There is a need to strengthen the nationalist forces in Punjab. Jakhar has a different image than the party.

Jakhar Can be sent to Rajya Sabha

According to the information, the decision of Jakhar to join the BJP was taken only yesterday. Jakhar, who said goodbye to Congress, had a meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi on Wednesday. It is believed that Jakhar joining BJP has strengthened the party in Punjab. 

According to the information, the BJP can also send Jakhar to the Rajya Sabha. However, the situation is not clear regarding this. The BJP expects Jakhar to take over Punjab. If sources are to be believed, Jakhar, who has been doing state politics for a long time, now wants to try his hand in national politics.


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