Taliban Cabinet Ministers: Taliban forms its caretaker government in Afghanistan with Hassan Akhund as PM, and 2 deputy PM

Publish Date: 08 Sep, 2021 |

Taliban Cabinet Ministers:

The Taliban has formed a new caretaker government in Afghanistan recently, while Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund will be the caretaker Prime Minister of Afghanistan. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the head of the Taliban's political office, has been appointed deputy prime minister. The new government has given prominence to the top leaders of the Taliban who fought for two decades against the US coalition forces and the government of Afghanistan. 

Let's know the Taliban Minister full list after the formation of caretaker government:

  • Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund- Acting Prime Minister

  • Mullah Baradar- Deputy Prime Minister 

  • Abdul Kalam Hanafi- Deputy Prime Minister

  • Firazuddin Hakkani- Home Minister

  • Mohammad Yakub Muzahid- Defense Minister

  • Mullah Hidayatullah Badri- Finance Minister

  • Maulvi Aamir Khan Mutaqki- Foreign Minister

  • Sheikh Maulvi Nurullah Munir- Education Minister

  • Yunus Akundzada- Domestic Development Minister

After the Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15th August 2021, it has formed its caretaker government now, with no representation for women. 

The Taliban has named Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund as caretaker prime minister. Akhund served as foreign minister and deputy prime minister in the Taliban government in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. A UN sanctions report described Akhund as close to Taliban founder Mullah Muhammad Omar. Akhund is considered more of a religious figure than a political one.

While it must be noted that the Taliban which promised women their rights and representation didn’t include any of the women in the new Taliban interim caretaker government formed. An anti-Pakistan rally was conducted in Kabul on Wednesday with women being a part of it. The demonstrators at the rally demanded a neutral government without any foreign influence (here, Pakistan).

However, the rally was later on dispersed by firing done by the Taliban.


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