Tanishq is on it’s level best advertisement and we cannot agree enough. This happened on Mother's Day 2022, when the entire world took a moment to appreciate the love, care, and role of a mother, the popular jewellery brand Tanishq, under the parent brand of Tata, rolled out its most overwhelming yet emotional ad, realigning the role of a mother to that of a leader and someone who can make decisions while celebrating maternity phase, This was a fitting tribute to all working and nonworking women who took time off to bring new life into the world.

Tanishq mother’s day ad 2022 celebrates Maternity period

The core message of the ad was to highlight that a maternity break in any woman's life doesn’t mean it’s a gap on her resume which should be questioned in future once she takes the decision to grow on in her career. The two-minute commercial honors every mother's natural leadership ability. Its goal is to debunk myths about maternity leave by portraying it as "life's boot camp."

Tanishq mother’s day ad 2022

Tanishq shared a story of a young mother who is back to take incharge of her office roles and while sharing the ad it wrote “Meet Radhika!She’s surely a promising candidate with charisma and a whole lot of rich experience.However, the interviewer’s decision was a little divided!Watch now to see how it unfolds and tag a Radhika you know in the comments below! ✨

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Internet reacts on Tanishq mother’s day ad 

Tanishq mother’s day ad 2022 concept

Radhika, comes in for an interview and has a lot of experience in her work. When the interviewer inquires about her 'life boot camp' experience, she casually describes her duties  as a leader at the boot camp. Only at the end do we realize that the entire time she was talking about was actually her experience during her maternity phase.